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OpcaСhe, а не OpcaShe 🙂. Только Opcaсhe - пора забыть про apc, memcache и тд. Ответить.
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You can connect to Memcached instances from Compute Engine VM instances, Google Kubernetes Engine clusters, Cloud Functions, the App Engine flexible environment, and the App Engine standard...
Default MongoDB Port¶. The following table lists the default TCP ports used by MongoDB:
Mar 12, 2012 · Not a huge argument. By using the memcached plugin you essentially work with MySQL and you will leverage all possible HA options that are available for MySQL to make your data highly available. It is worth mentioning that memcached plugin supports replication. You have to define daemon_memcached_enable_binlog = 1. That's it.
Oct 01, 2018 · Try to connect to the rest of Memcached instances using telnet (The placeholder MEMCACHED_INSTANCE_ADDRESS should be replaced with an actual address. Check this section to know how to retrieve the IP address of your instances). $ telnet MEMCACHED_INSTANCE_ADDRESS 11211 NOTE: telnet is not installed by default. PHP memcache and memcached extensions. Because PHP has no native support for memcache, you must memcache (no d), an older but very popular extension that is not maintained regularly.
Tennis Match with Replication Use Memcached to store the points of Roger Federer (referred as F) and Rafael Nadal (referred as N). The initial scores are 0-0. Note: Telnet to install instance 1. add F 1 0 1 0 STORED. sequence 1 F serves and wins a point (each point gets a score of 15). incr F 15 15
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